Den danske kunster Lea Porsager opførte d. 27. maj 2018 et nyt værk, en 90 minutters performance ved Bloom Festival i Søndermarken i København. Hør 40 minutters uddrag af værket.

Lea Porsagers arbejde omfatter alt fra videnskab, politik og feminisme til det esoteriske.

“Be overturned by the Quantum Technology of the Shabad Guru! Shabad meaning sound, and Guru meaning “teacher,” or, “knowledge that transforms.” Looking closer at the definition of Sha and bad, ‘Sha’ refers to the expression of ego, the attachments that constitute our sense of self, while ‘bad’ means to cut out/off the ego. Let the ecstatic sound waves of the mighty gong pluck your ego, and submit your body to the touch of the Cosmic Orgasmic Naad! O! O! O!”

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